Rookie Entrepreneur is a non-traditional learning system created for startups in the Nigerian business environment. It was birth from the need to cater to a new and existing breed of people that want to dive into the business world but have little information on how to proceed.
As a business owner, I have run my company for about 4 years and in that space, I have made a lot of mistakes that I shouldn’t have necessarily made if I had enough information. It wasn’t that I had no desire to learn as I was constantly on websites like entrepreneur.com, Inc., fast company, financial times and so on. The major issue was that these plethora of information I got were not exactly relevant for the business environment in Nigeria. Start-ups are the most ignored set in business environment because of the high risk and uncertainty involved with them. A lot of financial institutions, investors and other service providers do not like to work with start-ups due to their high capability to fail.
We at Rookie Entrepreneur believe that there are a lot of future successful people that have wings to fly but need to be goaded in the right direction. We want to reduce the rate of failure of startups by
1) Putting the startups in front of the right people. All instructors will be entrepreneurs or be actively working in a viable and relevant industry for the course being taught. We also intend to provide access for meaningful internships with reputable entrepreneurs for those meeting the criteria after evaluation.
2) We look to be the engine that constitutes the flow between the entrepreneurs and what they need for their success for example funding, consultation, location and other resources. This is a mid to long term goal to be introduced further down the line of running RE but will however be an underlying goal for the RE team.
3) Meeting the future entrepreneurs at their level and taking it from there. We intend to be as down to earth as possible. We operate from a very practical perspective and will only share theories that have been tested and proved to work.
4) Research and development. This will be the core of Rookie Entrepreneur. We will explore and adapt learning systems that aren’t stale. We will constantly evolve our teaching processes to the advantage of the startups .

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